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Seattle, WA
ParentMap is really a couple dozen wild women -- your neighbors, your friends, working moms, artists, activists, teachers and closet athletes. We know well the daily struggle of balancing the crazy joy of parenting with our careers, spouses, chores....life! We're here to help by connecting you to the info and resources you need.
Our mission

ParentMap provides trusted, innovative, and award-winning editorial content through a variety of media to support parents in their most essential role: that of their child’s first and most important teacher. ParentMap’s unique social-venture business model drives its vision and day-to-day operation. Its daily involvement and support of local businesses and nonprofit organizations ensure that readers are given the most current information related to early learning, child health and development, and parenting. In all of its work and through all of its resources, Parentmap is dedicated to providing trusted editorial content, advocacy for children and families, and contribution to community.