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Sunday, May 27


Jim Page
Songs Of Engagement

Sunday May 27, 2012 2:00pm - 2:10pm
Fisher Green Stage: Sponsored by KBCS 91.3FM 47.62109, -122.35258
  • Genre SS -- Singer-Songwriter
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  • Biography Jim Page was named by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine as “One Of The 50 Most Influential Musicians In Seattle History.” Having recorded 21 albums over the course of a 40-plus year career and written a mountain of songs Page is a force to be reckoned with. Originally a California native Jim Page has called Seattle and the Pacific Northwest “home” since 1971. His songs have been covered by The Doobie Brothers, Christy Moore, Dick Gaughan, Michael Hedges, and Roy Bailey. He has toured in 13 countries including the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK, most of northern Europe, and Taiwan. Renowned lyricist Robert Hunter says, “If Jim Page ain’t the bastard son of Woody Guthrie I’m T-Bone Walker,” and Bonnie Raitt says, “I'm a longtime admirer.” The late Utah Phillips said it best: “If you’re ever going to get the message, this is the messenger to get it from.”


Joy Mills Band
Indie Americana and Folk

Sunday May 27, 2012 2:15pm - 2:25pm
Fisher Green Stage: Sponsored by KBCS 91.3FM 47.62109, -122.35258
  • Genre CFMA -- Contemporary Folk Music - Americana
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  • Biography Established songwriter Joy Mills branches out from her band, The Starlings, to release a new album of solo material exploring the ethos and modern myth. Backed by a full band (electric guitar, pedal steel, bass and drums), she continues on and past Americana to blend her storied songs with compelling and captivating melodies.


Ocheami - Featuring Kofi Anang
Traditional Ghanaian Music

Sunday May 27, 2012 2:30pm - 2:55pm
Fisher Green Stage: Sponsored by KBCS 91.3FM 47.62109, -122.35258


Morin khuur(Horse-head fiddle)

Sunday May 27, 2012 3:00pm - 3:25pm
Fisher Green Stage: Sponsored by KBCS 91.3FM 47.62109, -122.35258
  • Genre TFM -- Traditional Folk Music
  • Biography My name is Urtaa Gantulga. I am a member of Mongolian morin khuur ( Horse-head fiddle ) ensemble. I play Morin khuur since 1995. I've been invited to play morin khuur around world. Now, I live in Seattle studying at school and teaching Morin khuur.


Bob Antone
Timber genre northwest music

Sunday May 27, 2012 3:30pm - 3:55pm
Fisher Green Stage: Sponsored by KBCS 91.3FM 47.62109, -122.35258
  • Genre TFM -- Traditional Folk Music
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  • Biography Bob Antone, from North Bend, WA plays timber town genre fiddle music, musical saw in his family tradition, shares stories and songs of the northwest, original music written in the shadow of Mt. Si, exploring the folklore of rural east King County and into the Cascades.


Ruze Dalmatinke
Music & Songs of Croatia

Sunday May 27, 2012 4:00pm - 4:25pm
Fisher Green Stage: Sponsored by KBCS 91.3FM 47.62109, -122.35258
  • Genre EME -- Central-Eastern Europe & Balkan - MUSIC
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  • Biography Ruže Dalmatinke is a Seattle-based professional ensemble specializing in the music of Croatia and Bosnia, from the stringent open throat style of interior Croatia, to lyrical Dalmatian and Bosnian melodies. The group was founded by two sisters, Binki Franulović Spahi and Alma Franulović Plancich, who immigrated with their family to the United States after World War II from their native island of Korčula, Dalmatia in Croatia. The sisters are backed by expert musicians who are soloists in their own right. Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble was created in 1975 by Anacortes Croatians under the leadership of Maria Franulović Petrish, for cultural preservation and presentation. The sisters, Maria, Alma and Binki realized in this country it does not take long to lose one’s ethnic and cultural identity and that work must be done to preserve and educate. Vela Luka and Ruže Dalmatinke have been featured in two national TV documentaries - Hrvati! (PBS, 1981) and Children of Ellis Island (ABC, 1986)-numerous local radio and television programs, as well as books and audio recordings. In 1986, they represented the State of Washington at the Rededication of the Statue of Liberty in New York and at EXPO '86 in Vancouver, B.C. RD, in 1986, travelled to Mazatlan, Mexico, performing in numerous concerts. In 1988 and 1990, both groups toured Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina and in 2000, VL and RD traveled to the homeland once again performing throughout Croatia. They were featured performers at the Washington State Centennial Celebration in 1989; Voices West, Salt Lake City, 1991, 1993, and 1994, and the opening celebration of the Seattle Symphony's Benaroya Hall in 1998. In 1996, the ensemble received the Governor's Heritage Award from the Washington State Art's Commission. Between 1996 and 2000, the ensembles performed in Idaho, Sacramento, San Francisco, and in 1999 were the featured performers at the Redlands Bowl, Redlands, California. The ensembles were featured in the King County Arts Commission Touring Arts Roster for 2002-2003 and 2009-2012. Fall 2002, VL participated in Green Meadows Productions’ Festival of Cultures west coast tour - 48 performances, 7 cities, across 3 states. The 2003 calendar included the opening of McCaw Hall, local theatre and festival performances and a February concert in San Francisco, CA. In 2004, amongst numerous local performances, VL performed at Paramount Theatre, Seattle, as part of the “DANCE this…” and the ensembles together performed for the opening of the McIntyre Hall, Mt. Vernon, WA. The 2005 calendar featured a tour to Oregon and inclusion in the Kirkland Performance Center Season. In 2008 VL performed the 10th Anniversary of DANCE this… at the Paramount Theatre, Seattle. Annual performances continued 2005-2011: Blessing of the Fleet, Gig Harbor; NW Folklife Festival; EHC Cultural Crossroads and EHC Winter Worldfest. VL & RD instructors and members, over the years, have taught at local schools as part of curriculum and as special event speakers/instructors. Ruze Dalmatinke invited to perform at Kennedy Center in 2012!


Celtic Eastern European Fusion

Sunday May 27, 2012 4:30pm - 4:55pm
Fisher Green Stage: Sponsored by KBCS 91.3FM 47.62109, -122.35258
  • Genre FRW -- World-Intl Folk - MUSIC
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  • Biography The practitioners of the ancient art of alchemy often sought to transform or combine a variety of elements. In a similar manner, the members of the ensemble Alchymeia gather folk song ingredients from various cultures and arrange them in new and fascinating ways. The repertoire reflects the varying backgrounds of the ensemble's founding musicians.