Sunday, May 27 • 2:00pm - 2:50pm
Water Calling Short Films
Sunday May 27, 2012 2:00pm - 2:50pm
Narrative Stage at SIFF Cinema 47.62310, -122.35323
  • Biography Water Calling films include: A Water Tale SJ Chiro Told in a fairy-tale style format, Chiro's film follows a young girl who is transported to an underwater kingdom, where the "Kingfish" informs the girl of the impact of pollution—caused by increased storms and storm water runoff—on the sea. Waterway Britta Johnson This stop-animation film follows large drops of water as they travel through rocks, ferns, plant roots, microbes and other creatures that naturally filter and clean water. Water Lab Susan Robb Investigating the interface that tap water creates with nature and our homes, Robb's video explores SPU's interventions through abstracted aerial shots captured in the Cascades and inter-spliced with quick cuts of sci-fi-like images of a "water laboratory." Space, the air, the river, the leaf Luke Sieczek Composed of four parts or movements, Sieczek's film marks the passage of water from sky to soil to stream to waterway. Along this path we see the various small and local efforts designed to transform the flow to a controlled, clean and filtered state. Displaced Rick Stevenson The importance of water as a healing, symbolic, life-giving and redemptive force in our lives is at the center of this story of two foster children in search of family who, despite the odds, find each other as brothers.