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Monday, May 28 • 2:45pm - 3:20pm

Monday May 28, 2012 2:45pm - 3:20pm PDT
Indie Roots at Broad Street: Sponsored by BECU & 103.7 The Mountain 47.61938, -122.34979
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  • Genre CFMFP -- Contemporary Folk Music - Folk Punk
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  • Biography Corespondents began in 2003 with Olie Eshleman and Doug Arney playing guitars in the living room. In late 2008, Kieran Harrison-Buhlinger started playing percussion, among other things and joined them. Corespondents' guitar-based musical stylings incorporate non-western instrumentaion such as the Vietnamese dan-bao and the Greek bouzouki, while still appealing to metal heads, noisers, guitar-wankers, audiophiles, tech-heads, swingers and the blues. Corespondents has also been featured in Lynn Shelton's indie film, "We Go Way Back" as well as in MTV.com's web series, "$5 Cover: Seattle" “Olie Eshleman, Doug Arney, and Kieran Harrison-Buhlinger are acutely sensitive players with fantastic chops, and their music efficiently transports you to a more antique-y place and time without sounding overly reverent or staid. Corespondents have that old-soul spirit in spades, but without the kitsch, thankfully.” -Dave Segal, The Stranger "Experimental, without a genre music on the musical mystery tramp side, Corespondents organically chop up Italian cowboy soundtrack guitar playing, circus rhythms, and woozy ragtime to make perfect night music for absinthe-sipping poets and whiskey-slurping marginals." -Chris Estey, KEXP Blog "Sentimental Cowboy Music For Dreaming Circus Workers Just Before Dawn Out In The Field Next To The Tiger Cages And The Cotton Candy Machine." -Jeffrey Taylor, Climax Golden Twins AFCGT And Wall Of Sound Records "Three superb musicians who span the musical map- from western swing to Bollywood steel and a good many things in between. They have a magical quality of appealing to just about everybody without fitting nicely into a style, often being pretty weird, and not having a singer. This album is the perfect album for a good many situations- dinner parties, acid trips, movie sequences, road trips, and the like." -Ms Valerie Park Distro "Sexy and confusing" -DJ Dropacat