Monday, May 28 • 6:20pm - 6:45pm
Jacquelina's 'Dances of Spain'
Classical Spanish and Flamenco

Monday May 28, 2012 6:20pm - 6:45pm
International Dance Stage in the Exhibition Hall 47.62415, -122.35151
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  • Biography Jacquelina's "Dances of Spain" is a Classical Spanish and Flamenco performing group, dedicated to the art and tradition of the dances of Southern Spain. These dancers include Jacquelina’s beginning, intermediate and advance level students, as well as Jacquelina herself. While some of the students performing have less than a year of Flamenco dance instruction, others have been studying Flamenco dance for 15 years or longer. One thing all these dancers do share is their passion for Flamenco. The group has performed through-out the Puget Sound area at several public and private events, including the Northwest Folklife Festival, Winter Worldfest and most recently, Leavenworth’s International Dance Festival.