Saturday, May 26 • 7:50pm - 8:25pm
Highball Whistle
All-lady rollickin' Old-Timey

Saturday May 26, 2012 7:50pm - 8:25pm
Northwest Court Stage 47.62285, -122.35476
  • Genre OTM -- Old Time Music
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  • Biography We are Highball Whistle – the double whistle a train makes when it’s leaving the station (toot tooooooooot!). Highball Whistle is about old-time music revelry, singing harmonies, switching and sharing instruments, and channeling Salyer and Woody Guthrie. Our band philosophy can be summed up in the lyrics of Guthrie’s ‘Hard Traveling’ (given some poetic license). I’ve been riding them flat wheelers, I thought you know’d I’ve been riding them dead enders, way down the road Highball Whistle, pulling out the station, got no plans or a destination I’ve been havin’ some hard traveling, Lord And *that* is the essence of Highball Whistle – no plans, no destination – just music for the sake of loving the music, whiling the time away, and hanging with good friends. We come from very different backgrounds but have formed a sweet chord together.